The Perfect Guide For Eyelash Extension Aftercare

By: Our Team


The Perfect Guide For Eyelash Extension Aftercare

 Lash extensions are becoming more and more popular as time goes on, making sure you have the proper guide from cleansing your eyelash extensions to putting on makeup is very important for the health of your lash extensions as well as your natural eyelash. 

Cleansing and Applying Cosmetics

  Cleansing your eyelash extensions every morning and night is very important for the health and retention of your extensions. If you do not properly clean your lashes then you could get dirt and oil build up around the lash line and it can lead to blepharitis and many other allergen issues and bacteria overgrowth around the eyes. To properly cleanse start by using the cleanser in the aftercare kit that your aesthetician or lash specialist recommended for you and clean the orbital eye area (eyelid and under eye), then start cleansing your lash line (side note: be sure to get in between the lashes while doing this step). Then you will cleanse the actual eyelashes and eyelash extensions.  

  Make sure to rinse the cleanser off with water, after you rinse the eye area and lashes, dry the lashes with a handheld mini fan. As you are drying the lashes make sure to brush them in an upward motion going with the natural curvature of the eyelash. If you apply makeup, be sure to avoid getting too close to the lash extensions and lash line. To help avoid this problem you can ask your aesthetician or lash specialist what products you can use that will be compatible with your eyelash extensions. (Avoid any products that tend to have an oily feel or have an oil base). Do not wear mascara on your eyelash extensions unless it is specially formulated for lash extensions. When applying a specially formulated mascara be sure to only use it on the tips of the eyelashes, do not put mascara on the base near the lash line. 

A Few Things to Know After Your Appointment…

 After your lashes are on you should avoid certain things. Within the first 3 hours after your appointment avoid excess heat, steam, and water. This includes: Going to the gym, taking a hot shower, and washing your face in hot water. Your aesthetician or lash specialist may also warn you that if you tend to sleep on your side, the side that you sleep on most may lose retention, which leads to more lash extensions falling out on that side than the other. Sleeping on your back is the best option, which may be difficult for some. If you like your lash extensions and wish to keep them then your aesthetician or lash specialist will advise you to come back for a refill appointment in 2 weeks. These are just a few things to know after your eyelash extension appointment, your aesthetician or lash specialist will go into more depth on the precautions to take during your appointment. This will help create an aftercare routine for your specific needs and concerns. 

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