The Importance of a Skincare Regimen

By: Our Team


 Having a daily skincare routine is, believe it or not, the most important part of keeping the skin happy and healthy. Understanding how to keep your skin looking and feeling at its best is the major key to any regimen or plan. I will discuss the major key points in your daily routine that will change the look and feel of your skin. 

The Basics:

   A basic foundation is always needed with building anything, in the skincare world that base includes: Cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. These products will help you build and add on things as you grow in your skincare journey. Understanding what each product does and how it benefits your skin is very important. 

Step 1: Cleansing

Cleansing the face is the first step to glowing radiant skin. It removes dirt and oils from the pores and leaves a nice clean base for adding other beneficial products to the skin. Always be sure to double cleanse, it is very important to be sure you are removing ALL dirt, impurities, and oils from the skin. This is especially important for those who wear makeup, cleansing twice will ensure all makeup debris is removed.

Beneficial step: Exfoliate 

Exfoliating the skin helps get rid of the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, and promotes blood circulation, this speeds up the process of new cell growth. Removing the dead skin build-up also helps your products to better penetrate the skin and be more beneficial in the long run.

Beneficial step: Tone

Toner helps restore the skin's pH back to its normal levels and removes any excess oil in the skin that may cause acne or overproduction of sebum. It helps shrink pore size and even hydrates the skin. 

Beneficial Step: Serum

Adding serums to your routine can be very beneficial, there are many different types of serums that can help fix and even prevent some skin issues. There are hydrating serums, brightening serums (such as vitamin C), anti-aging serums, and even acne fighting serums. Adding this step into your routine will be beneficial in getting the best result of whatever goal you are trying to achieve with your skin.

Step 2: Moisturize:

Moisturizing the skin is important for many reasons. Keeping the skin hydrated can prevent fine lines and wrinkles prematurely, prevents the skin from becoming dry and dull looking, helps control excess oil, and keeps the skin looking glowy and youthful. 

Step 3: Sunscreen

It is beneficial to understand the importance of using SPF in your daily routine no matter what the weather conditions may be like. Did you know you can still get negative effects from the sun even in the colder months, wearing sun protection can prevent sun and age spots from forming, prevent inflammation, prevent premature aging, and it is also important to note that in some cases negative effects from the sun may cause skin cancer. I think it is safe to say we all should have sunscreen in our daily skincare regimen. 

   These are the key factors and steps into mastering your skincare routine and making sure you are able to customize it to better suit your skin's needs and have a better understanding of each product's purpose and order of the steps for your skin. 

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