Medical Grade Skincare vs. Drugstore Skincare. Why should I care?

By: Our Team


Understanding the difference between medical grade skincare and drugstore products

is very important for the overall benefits of having a routine that works well for your skin.

It is important to know the distinct differences between the two product lines. Medical

Grade skincare is clinically tested and proven to give better results in a faster time

period than drugstore skincare products.

The Benefit of Medical Grade Skincare...

Medical grade skincare tends to have more active ingredients and the concentration

of those ingredients is often higher than products that you will find in beauty and

skincare isles at the store. The concentration of ingredients is important because the

more potent the ingredients are in a product the more likely it is to absorb deeper into

the skin. Often people question whether medical grade skincare is worth the cost. Have

you ever heard the saying “you get what you pay for,” well the reason medical grade

skincare is more expensive is because it has more long-lasting benefits, and unlike

drugstore products, has guaranteed medicinal properties. Medical grade skincare is

sold under the supervision of a physician, while over the counter products do not

contain a fraction of the active ingredients in medical grade products. Because of the

highly concentrated ingredients in the products, this will allow you to use it sparingly

and the product will last longer than the OTC skincare products. This means that

medical grade skincare will work faster with better results.

Learning What’s Best for You

Medical grade skincare can help decrease the chances of premature aging, as well as

slow down the aging process. It can treat existing skin issues as well as being used to

prevent them from occurring in the future. This is especially important for people with

acne prone or oily skin. Some of these products and brands you can order online

through certain websites, but they are mostly sold in medical offices that specialize in

skin such as a medical spa or Dermatology office. Consulting with your skincare

provider may help you determine which medical grade skincare products work best for

your skin type and your specific skincare needs.

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