How to properly remove your make-up from a licensed Aesthetician

By: Our Team


How to properly remove your makeup from a licensed Aesthetician:

Makeup wipes are a thing of the past, we all have used them before and love them for how easy and

convenient they make taking off your makeup, if you are in a rush, on vacation or simply just don't want

to do it; grab a wipe and you're done.

Although if you think about it, using a makeup wipe doesn't get rid of all of your makeup nor does it

remove waterproof products and can be too rough on your eyelashes; it pushes and moves the makeup

into your pores where unless you thoroughly wash your face afterwards it will sit and clog the pore.

A makeup wipe should never be used as a form of washing your face.

The correct method for properly removing your makeup is to use a balm or an oil cleanser, something that

will emulsify the oil, dirt, and makeup. Oil cleansing is something that is becoming more and more

popular as the skincare world grows because it is a more effective way of makeup removal.

? They contain more nutrients that benefit the skin and are more hydrating especially for people with

dry skin.

? It easily melts off mascara regular and waterproof making it a much more gentle option for


? Oil dissolves oil, so it allows you to get into the pores and work out that dirt and makeup

Anyone who is wearing makeup should be? DOUBLE CLEANSING?, going in with your oil cleanser

and working that for about a minute or until all the makeup is dissolved, next take your favorite cleanser

and wash your face for 1-2 minutes to make sure you have worked all the makeup out of the pores then

follow with your normal skincare routine.

In conclusion: Makeup wipes are out and Oil cleansing is in!

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